Patterson Ryan Wireworkers – quality wire cloth and perforated sheets

Specialising in wire cloth, Patterson Ryan Wireworkers are a company who pride themselves on their ability to produce quality metal items. As a leading supplier of perforated metal sheets, Patterson Ryan Wireworkers have built a reputation over the years for their ability to provide their clients with a reliable, quick and efficient service.

Established in 2001, Patterson Ryan Wireworkers are actually formed from the purchase of two of the oldest wire working companies in the North East. So despite being only 11 years old, Patterson Ryan Wireworkers actually benefit from over 250 years’ worth wire-working knowledge.

Having seen just about every wire-working and wire cloth situation in their years of experience, Patterson Ryan Wireworkers are well placed to ensure that you’re able to find the solution you need.

The wire cloth available from Patterson Ryan Wireworkers includes stainless steel woven wire cloth available in a number of different mesh sizes (from 2 mesh to 500 mesh), these wire cloth products are all manufactured to the highest quality. Other wire cloth includes galvanised woven wire cloth, in which normal wire cloth is provided with a protective zinc coating to help better fight against rusting.

Cant’ find the wire cloth you’re looking for? Don’t worry. Able to accommodate those tricky wire cloth requirements, Patterson Ryan Wireworkers are on hand to create made to order items, specialising in the weaving of short or long lengths up to 2 meters wide. With a wide variety of metals available that includeds mild steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel (grades 304 and 316), phosphor bronze, brass coppers and a number of nickel chrome alloys, you’re able to get the exact wire cloth you’re looking for, made to you exact specifications.

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