Foolproof Electric Gates

“He’s at it again Margaret! Look. Just look at the pesky little buggerlugs. It’s Dave- forgotten ‘is keys again- ‘e’s tryin’ ‘is luck; tryin’ to get his useless backside over th’ electric gates! I’ve told ‘im time and time again and, if I’ve told him once, I’ve told him twice; they’re electric gates; they’re built to keep annoying little nuisances like ‘im out; he canny just cock his lackadaisical leg over and expect to hop his way in t’ garden like ‘e could with th’ old iron gates!”

“Aye Percy, since we’ve ‘ad those electric gates th’ installed, ‘es forgotten his keys every bloomin’ day. Well, if you take my advice, love; I’d leave him sat outside the electric gates until ‘e learns a very valuable lesson; that electric gates cannot be fooled, they cannot be climbed over and cannot be broken down!”

Percy and Margaret are very right. If you want infallible electric gates, come and take a look at what we have to offer here at Jaymac One Stop Security Shop. We design, manufacture, deliver and install a superb range of bespoke electric gates not just in Yorkshire; but throughout the entire country and what we don’t know about electric gates is frankly, not worth knowing!

Whether you have a little Dave of your own at home; a child with an inability to hold tight onto his own personal set of house keys for anything more than a night out on the tiles, or you are the owner of a valuable property with considerable assets; we have the perfect solutions your electric gates needs and can offer you all the support and guidance you will ever need to make sure the purchase you make is going to the one most suited to your individual security needs.

Our handpicked selection of superbly secure electric gates come in either wooden or metal options and if you take a look at our online gallery, you will see just how perfectly they can suit both a traditional and a modern exterior design build. They are constructed using only the most reliably solid, all-weathering materials that promise to stand the test of time against any harsh weather conditions and can be made into both swing and slide options.

Keep those pesky unwanted guests at bay, and that includes Dave! Visit today to find out more!



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