Water tight waterproof roofing

If you’ve ever tried to get your head down to the noise of a ticking clock; attempted to watch your favourite soap opera through the disturbance of a dripping tap or; had a crack at a conversation with (lovely but deaf) Great Aunt Glenda while the neighbours thrash it out next door and have yet another row- then you’ll understand the need for waterproof roofing. And, if you’ve ever left the house in a thunderstorm without an umbrella; worn your best thick woolen cardigan in the Gobi Desert or even; put some trousers on fresh from the dryer that are indeed, damp- then you’ll recognise the worth of waterproof roofing!

All jokes aside however, wherever you reside in the world- hot, cold, wet or arid- waterproof roofing is designed to protect you and your assets from the unpredictable climbs of the external environment. Indeed, whether you are thinking of waterproof roofing for your home or your workplace; it is an essential safety measure to protect yourself against unnecessary costs of either replacing your goods or claiming against your insurance policy.

Despite any worries about the initial outlay, getting a reputable company to install waterproof roofing should be one of your top priorities as ‘prevention is better than cure’ and it is wiser and cheaper to invest money on waterproof roofing prior to any damage that could be caused by water infiltration. Furthermore, some of your personal possessions may be invaluably sentimental and thus, irreplaceable so in essence, waterproof roofing really is the only way forward.

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Bitum Proof SA are one of the best known names in waterproof roofing and damp proofing. We’ve amassed an expertise and can offer waterproofing solutions to meet any conditions you face.