Greek holidays have always been a favourite with tourists from all over Europe and despite its current problems. It is still a fantastic place to visit. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, not to mention the birthplace of modern civilisation so we should all be making an effort to visit there at least once in our lifetime. Below are just a few of the many reasons why you should be thinking about Greek holidays:

Beautiful Beaches

We all love a good beach and Greece does not disappoint on this front. There are miles and miles of golden sand and shingle beaches which can be found both on the mainland and the surrounding islands. They are lapped by some of the clearest, warm waters which are perfect for taking a dip or exploring the depths of the oceans.


If you’re the party going type, then you will want to ensure that your holiday destination has a vibrant, buzzing nightlife and Greece certainly fulfils these criteria. Travel to any of the larger cities and you will find swinging resorts with music, drink and dance to suit all tastes.


Fine Greek food is something which you have to taste to believe. If your only experience of Greek food has been a kebab after a drunken night out, then prepared to be blown away by the fresh, clean, flavours of healthy traditional Greek food.


History and culture buffs will be simply blown away by the awe inspiring remains of the great Greek civilisation of the past. The ruins of Athens, the Peloponnese peninsula, the Delphi and Olympia are just some of the amazing archaeological wonders that you can look forward to visiting on Greek holidays.


Nature lovers will fall in love with the Greek country which is filled with lush pine forests, mountains, beaches and gorges which are filled with wonderful and exotic flora and fauna of every kind imaginable.


Greek shopping is lots of fun. There is a great mix of traditional handcrafted wears and modern luxury goods which shopaholics will find irresistible.


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