Why select non exec directors

Wise and successful with a bank balance to prove it; business mogul Duncan Bannatyne once compared an effective leader to a good conductor and as such, within his companies, he resides in the background whilst remaining dedicated to allowing his full workforce to apply their skills of management accordingly, still not letting them “do anything silly like give away free Kellogg’s bars!” He is the owner and managing director of many worldwide companies and currently employs thousands of unique individuals. Including a huge proportion of ground-level staff, Mr. B controls a number of mammoth teams, but he only does so with the support of non exec directors.

Non exec directors are by means, generic and there are many different industries non exec directors can become pivotal within. Non exec directors not only use their past knowledge and expertise to aid young business growth, but they may also provide independent advice and objectivity, formed off the back of years of managerial experience in their specialist sector.

Non exec directors may be appointed temporarily to perform a specific task, like introduce and market a one-off product, or permanently for their expertise in certain domains, like contract negotiation and strategy formulation. Non exec directors are seen as invaluable and can view a company from the outside-in; like a consumer would, and given they have no investment in the firm; non exec directors can remain non-biased at all times and bring forward an objective point of view.

Structuring non exec directors into a hierarchical diagram is simple and they usually reside beneath the chairman, managing directors and executive directors; all of whom have a vested interest in the successful growth of the business and the overall financial turnover of a product or service.

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