Horsebox Insurance

Got a horsebox but not sure how to ensure it remains safe on the road? You need horsebox insurance just to be sure that when you’re driving your horsebox remains safe. While horsebox insurance does not directly protect your horsebox, it does ensure that in the event of theft or damage you can get an adequate payout for repairs or replacement, should that be the case. In the event of not having horsebox insurance you have no protection in regards to such incidents, the police will not pay for you to replace your damaged or stolen items, nor will the manufacturer. With horsebox insurance you will be able to get a payout so long as the terms of the horsebox insurance are met, meaning that you may have to go a certain amount of time without claiming on your horsebox insurance in order to let your premium payments account for any cost to the horsebox insurance provider. In some cases the horsebox insurance can refuse to cover you because you did not meet the terms of the horsebox insurance plan, meaning that the damage or theft conditions did not meet the stipulations listed on the horsebox insurance agreement that you signed. When getting horsebox insurance and any other form of insurance for that matter, you must absolutely read the agreement to ensure you understand the level of coverage.

When looking for a horsebox insurance provider you would be best looking at the recommendation consumer groups have, as they are quite often the fairest and broadest providers you can get for horsebox insurance. If friends and family have similar recommendations for horsebox insurance providers, be sure to take heed of their suggestions too. Even if someone highly recommends a horsebox insurance provider do not directly take their word for it and do some research into the provider instead. A horsebox insurance policy that worked out for them might not necessarily be the best one for you, if you can comprehend that logic. With horsebox insurance you really cannot do without it if you intend on driving with a horsebox often, so take the route of ‘better safe than sorry’.




Horsebox insurance is something that is quite specialised – get in touch with Lion Heart Insurance today for all the help and advice that you need!