Coca-Cola- as a carbonated refreshing beverage that boosts energy- has been globally replicated and you can now purchase ‘Rola-Cola’ from your local no-frills grocery store and ‘Coke’ from corporate supermarket- both of which are essentially very similar but without the street-cred that comes with buying the real deal . But what makes Coca-Cola so unique?

Just like when it was invented in the late 19th century by thirst-quenching pioneer John Pemberton, Coca-Cola is a company who have used brand identity to their very best advantage. Indeed, before even considering how to bottle their caramel-hued liquid refreshment, Coca-Cola invested both time and money into the brand identity considerations that they felt so imperative in order to secure global domination in the soft drinks world. Sure, their take on brand identity throughout the years, has differed and as such, they have not only been recognisable through a green glass bottle that resembled a female hourglass form, but also everything in between, from a standard aluminium can right to a stubby plastic bottle that closely resembled a bottle of beer! As a company who recognised the need to alter their take on brand identity as and when they saw fit- to remain at the very top of their game- brand identity topped their list of ‘must have’ essentials when looking into possible advertising and marketing avenues.

And it’s the same Worldwide. In order to reign supreme in any given industry- from hair straighteners and eyebrow tweezers to foot spas and colonic irrigation equipment; brand identity can mean the difference between big bucks success and untimely catastrophic failure.

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