Mange can be a real problem in pets

Are you concerned that your dog has contracted mange?

If you are worried about your dog itching and scratching and displaying sites of inflammation then they may have contracted mange. As mange is such a highly contagious disease it can easily be transferred between dogs and can make your pet very miserable. If you suspect that your dog is infected with this disease, it is essential to ensure that you treat it promptly to make your dog healthy and comfortable.

What symptoms will my dog display with mange?

Mange is actually a fungal infection which is caused by a parasite. This parasite manages to burrow itself deep under your dog’s skin and can cause no end of misery for your pet. The most common symptoms of mange that your dog will display are hair loss and really severe itching. This is because the parasite lives both under the skin and on the skin of your dog and this produces really intense discomfort which causes your dog to itch. This can mean that your dog can scratch and bite himself really badly to try to relieve the discomfort he is experiencing.

How can I treat mange?

The best thing to do is to take your dog to a veterinary surgeon to obtain a correct diagnosis of the symptoms. If mange is confirmed then there are a variety of shampoos and sprays which can be used to effectively treat the condition. If you want to find the best mange treatment at the very best prices then you can contact Perfect Pet Skin. They can offer you a fantastic range of products to treat the disease at prices that you will be delighted with. If you would like to find out more why not contact them today. Alternatively, you can browse their products online at


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