Sorting Out A Whelping Box

Got a pregnant dog and you’re a bit worried about keeping the puppies safe after their born? A whelping box is exactly what you need to ensure the little ones stay protected from harm and avoid the cold. A whelping box is specially designed to protect puppies during birth and early life, the design of the whelping box is specially made to keep them safely contained, to protect them from the vicious cold that claims so many puppies in early life, and to protect them from crushing or smothering by the mother. Most whelping box models are improvised by people because they cannot get their hands on a specially designed model, and are often made out of cardboard. This type of whelping box isn’t massively effectively but you could easily argue that it does the job well enough. More purpose built whelping box models however do a great amount towards making sure the puppies survive their early life and avoid a number of the hazards that they face. Typically the whelping box is made of sturdy plywood, but other materials are available. The sides of the whelping box are high enough to contain the puppies but low enough to allow the mother to enter and leave without issue.

The bottom of the whelping box might be lined with a specially designed device called whelping pads, or layers of newspaper or fabric to provide heat insulation from cold floors as well as absorb fluids that may occur during the birthing process. In some models of whelping box there is a low railing, often termed a guard rail or a bumper rail. This is in the whelping box to protect the puppies from being smothered or crushed by the mother dog should she roll over in her sleep, and with larger dog breeds this is absolutely invaluable. By now you should recognise the whelping box is more than just a way of keeping the puppies safe, it is a way of ensuring that they survive in an often cruel world. If you have a pregnant dog you want to ensure has a litter that survives, get a whelping box.



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