Explaining X-Ray Fluorescence spectroscopy

X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy is a technical scientific process which is used to determine the characteristics of materials. Many different industries use x-ray fluorescence technology commonly referred to as XRF and EDXRF (energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence). It is used in chemistry research and process safety, materials analysis and characterisation, electrochemistry and corrosion and biomedical and life sciences. Within these industries x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy can be used for full elemental analysis from ppb to % levels, elemental mapping of samples and objects of almost any shape and size, coating thickness analysis and online analysis including online sulphur analysis.

The specific applications for x-ray fluorescence and EDXRF include use within the oil industry for exploration, production, lubricant, recycled, and waste oils, academic research and material characterisation, archaeology, for use in planting shops, domestic and industrial waste and contact testing laboratories, auto catalyst recycling, rocks and mineral analysis and the online analysis of S in crude oil. With so many different applications it is easy to see why x-ray florescence is so vital to so many different industry sectors. There are specialist companies who sell a range of x-ray fluorescence and EDXRF equipment and testing devices. These include devices for standard liquid, powder, pellet and fused based analysis and devices for large samples, RoHS, micro x-ray fluorescence, coating thickness and elemental mapping.

EDXRF is one of the most simple, accurate and economic analysis methods when it comes to determining the chemical composition of materials and this is why it is such as favoured method. When this x-ray fluorescence technique is carried out it is non-destructive, requires none or little sample preparation and is suitable for most sample types. EDXRF can be used to analyse so many different materials including plastic, rubber, oils, textiles, foodstuffs, body care products, cement, glass, ceramics, polyester, cleaning fluids, fertilizers and as well as many other uses.


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