Be Paws I Love You – treat your pet with designer dog beds

Have you ever spent the night tossing and turning in an uncomfortable bed? Chances are you will have at some stage in your life. Many of us take our beds for granted and pay little attention to the level of comfort they offer until we happen to spend a night away from them.

Given this, it seems strange that dog owners don’t pay much attention to the quality of the dog beds they provide their pets. If you’re the owner of a dog, it’s important to make sure that you buy dog beds that are guaranteed to provide comfort and safety, and not just any old piece of bedding.

Specialising in a great range of designer dog beds, Be Paws I Love You pride themselves on their high-quality products.

Looking like a scaled down version of the real thing, the Big Girl dog beds from Be Paws I Love You are made to look like a real divan bed, and include a base and headboard. Made from faux leather and with a detailed button design, these dog beds boast a comfortable, soft mattress in spotted velboa. Easily washable, the bottom of these dog beds has been treated so as to make it non-slip, and with an easily removable zipper fixing, you needn’t worry about cleaning.

Other dog beds from Be Paws I Love You include the Bobby Travel dog beds. These luxurious dog beds feature extra soft fur on one side with quilted padding on the other, and with Velcro tabs and carry handle, they’re extremely portable and take up minimal space when rolled up.

As well as their dog beds, Be Paws I Love You also specialise in some of the most stylish dog clothes, including coats and jackets, and have a number of dog harnesses and travel carriers.

To find out more about the dog beds and the full range of products from Be Paws I Love you, visit them online today and make sure that your canine companion has a comfortable and cosy spot to rest after a long walk in the park.



You won’t want to hide away the dog beds we sell at Be Paws I Love You. Beautifully designed and crafted items for your pet including pet carriers and dog harnesses.