Stylish magnetic bracelets with highly effective alternative pain relief from the industry leaders at Bioflow.

If you are one of the thousands of people that suffer from back or joint pain, head aches or sleepless nights then you understand what a massive impact these aliments can have on your life. For many sufferers normal pain relief may or may not work depending on the severity of pain but many people do not want to continue taking strong drugs every single day as this can cause immunity and countless other side effects. Magnetic therapy in the form of magnetic bracelets are widely considered one of the most effective forms of alternative medication available, with an estimated 100 million users world wide.

Research explains the body is not based simply on chemical reactions, but also electro-magnetic interactions. Applying the negative side of a strong magnet can reduce or block pain signals affecting the movement of ions, and helps to restore the normal balance. Bioflow are leaders in the market of magnetic therapy products providing customers world wide with our patented design magnetic bracelets and magnetic dog collars. We have been at the forefront of this industry for many years combining high quality stylish magnetic bracelets with real and effective pain relief.

Peruse our e-catalogue at to choose from the vast and diverse designs of magnetic bracelets we have something for everyone from the slender plain bands to the more intricately designed and bolder bracelets and wrist bands. We also have a range of magnetic therapy products for animal use our magnetic horse boots and magnetic dog collars are very popular and known to be very effective. The magnetic dog collars as in the human products have no known side effects and work in exactly the same way.

Magnetic therapy dates back thousands of years choose a style that you like and feel the pain ease in hours.



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