A great way to get your Invention noticed

I wonder how many people have sat, thought about a new Invention and done absolutely nothing with their original thought. Over the centuries there have been many great inventions that have enhanced and enriched our lives. Where would be without cars and airplanes, phones or TV, the internet and the humble tin opener? Without the dedication and drive of special people to bring their Invention to life the world would be a dull and rather uninspired place. Suppose you had a great idea for a brilliant invention though, how could you develop it and bring it to the marketplace? To begin you’d have to find out if your Invention was original just to make sure you’re not ripping off other peoples’ ideas.

Is it patented?

That’s something to find out if you have a new Invention. You might think your Invention is unique only to find out there are other inventions exactly the same. An Invention has to be your own work you can’t pass other peoples’ brainwaves off as your own idea, it’s got to be a fabulous new concept. So do a little digging, try to establish if the Invention is already out there or has patents on it by other people. This could be the best Invention since sliced bread but that won’t count for anything if the idea has already been nabbed by someone else. Originality is the key when it comes to inventions, how unique is your brand new idea?

How’s it going to work?

If you can prove that your Invention is a total one-off the next step is to drum up a prototype. Some of the best inventions have started off as working models you only have to see the entrants for Dragons’ Den on the television to see how basic some of them are. If you need help with the design of your Invention, find help, don’t do this alone. Engineering solutions are available and companies are out there that’ll be glad to assist you in any way that they can with your Invention. You never know how popular your Invention will be in a few years if you approach companies like PES Ltd for help with the design, planning and patenting of your brilliant new idea.



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