The Wonderful Canaries

If you are looking for sun, sea and sand The Canaries is the place for you. This beautiful group of islands are within easy travelling distance of the UK and holiday companies fly direct to all of the large islands in the group.

There are ten islands in the group, although the smallest, Lobos, is actually just an Islet. You can stay on eight of the islands, but it is Tenerife and Gran Canaria that get the most visitors.


In the winter, most Brits plump for Tenerife. Holidays on the island at this time of the year are a good way of catching a bit of winter sun. It does rain in the winter, but not much. Even on the days it does rain the sun usually comes out and dries the puddles and shines down on everyone for at least a couple of hours.

The search term ‘Tenerife Spain holidays’ is a popular one throughout the year. Although in the winter, it is usually, older holidaymakers that choose to go there. Because there are fewer visitors in the winter, some of the islands bars, restaurants and nightclubs close, so it is normally a bit quieter. During the summer, the island is abuzz again and younger visitors and families normally prefer to visit the island in the summer months.

Gran Canaria

Holidays to Gran Canaria are also more popular in the summer than the winter. The climate is good all year round, but in the winter, there is less chance of sunshine. It has a varied climate, with the south being hot and sunny and the north of the island having weather that is closer to that of the UK, all be it warmer overall.

2.2 million people visit the island every year and understandably the majority plump for beach holidays in the south of the island. However, the island is increasingly becoming a popular destination for nature lovers. It has a very varied climate, so it also has a varied landscape. There is even a small area of jungle. The island has 32 Natural Protected Spaces, so there is plenty for nature lovers to do and see.


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