SID – the safest online payment method in South Africa

Looking to strike a balance between convenience and security, online merchants are well aware of the risks involved in electronically transferring funds.

Unfortunately, in their bid to offer their customers a simple, hassle-free online payment method, many South African companies discriminate against those customers without credit cards, and cut down a large share of their potential market.

Complicated online payments

If you’re an online merchant, you could also stand to lose out on sales if your online payment method is too difficult to navigate. Laborious payment methods which require clicking through a number of identification and security procedures have in fact – rather than boost a company’s image as a secure, trusted seller – seen companies suffer a drop in their sales.

Striking the balance between EFT payment simplicity and security, SID Instant EFT is a company that provides an easily implementable and secure online payment service, helping South African companies increase their sales potential.

SID – Secure Internet Deposit

A non-intrusive payment service, SID means South African merchants benefit from guaranteed payments without the risk of online fraud or chargebacks; risks normally associated with credit card payments.

Allowing for secure, real-time payment without the need for a credit card, SID is the most popular method of online payment in South Africa. Unlike other methods, SID implements extra security measures whilst maintaining transaction convenience – and its low transaction fees make it one of the most viable forms of online payment currently available.

To find out more about secure online transactions, visit SID Instant EFT online today.



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