Enjoy the flexibility and versatility of tracked access equipment

Take a standard type of cherry picker to a site and you’ll be limited by its capabilities. Tow tracked access equipment to the project you are working on and it’s a totally different story. A tracked boom lift takes working at height to a whole new level in more ways than one. Long gone are the days when you were limited by the functions of a boom lift, modern tracked access equipment makes life so much easier for work at height operations from now on. New tracked access products are lighter and narrower, they make tired and dated designs look positively archaic. They reach areas that other types of cherry pickers can’t get anywhere near and tracked access lifts have revolutionised the industry.

Go where you like with tracked access equipment

The clever thing about a tracked boom lift is you can pretty much trundle it wherever you like. Gravel and tarmac surfaces are easy to navigate with tracked access equipment so are grassed areas and all types of rough terrain. Shallow water is easily overcome with a tracked access lift it’ll wade through deep puddles on site without any type of problem. A tracked access lift is a real ally to have working with you on site, it’s light enough to work on fragile flooring but tough enough to handle testing site conditions day in and day out. Position a tracked access lift in the exact spot you are working at and it gives you fabulous reach capabilities.

Do what you want with tracked access equipment

Thanks to the unique design of a tracked boom lift you have greater control over your work at height operations. Take a spider lift for example, that’s a multi-functional type of tracked access equipment. It comes with sturdy outriggers that keep the tracked access equipment stable during use and you can elevate and position the working platform with speed and simplicity even in normally hard to reach areas. Doorways are no problem for the tracked access equipment because of its narrow width and it’ll even climb stairs thanks to its dependable tracks. Modern tracked access equipment is far more user-friendly than cherry pickers of old, the new breed are simplifying site tasks.



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