A Brief History of Fudge Hair?

Fudge Hair are a relatively new brand. They were established in 1991, and at first concentrated mainly on marketing their unique hair products to men. Originally, the firm’s main market was New Zealand and Australia.

Their products were an almost instant hit, which generated the income and momentum they needed to enter the European market, in 1994. Around about the same time they began to design and market products for women as well as men.

Fudge Hair Colouring Products

Up until 1995, Fudge Hair concentrated solely on hair styling products. In 1995, they launched their Paintbox range of hair colours. These products are still extremely popular today. The range of colours they offered were radically different than those available from more mainstream hair product firms. Bright reds, deep blues and rich greens were an instant hit.

Fudge Hair Goes Online

In 1998, they went online and that is when their products really took off. Prior to this, their reputation was spread mainly by word of mouth. They sold their products through a network of saloons in New Zealand, Australia and in some large European cities. Going on-line allowed people who had seen the fantastic results their friends were getting with their products to buy and use the same products.

Their salon background inspired the Fudge team to develop a professional range, which they launched in 2001. It was also the year they launched their Headpaint range, which included their Speed and Catalyst products.

When Adee Phelan styled David Beckham’s famous Mohawk with Fudge products in 2002, the company got a huge boost. They were bought by AMP in 2003. Their new owners decided it was time Fudge went back to their roots and again only made their products available in saloons. They re-launched their professional range in 2005.

Fortunately, in 2008 Fudge Hair once again decided to sell to the general public. Again, they used the internet to market themselves to a huge global market. The rest, as they say is history.

Today, they are one of the most popular hair brands around and are growing in popularity day by day. PZ Cussons own them today, and they have big plans for the brand.


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