Different Types of Driving Lessons Salisbury

Professional driving lessons are an essential part of learning to how to drive. Driving instructors will be able to clearly teach you the skills required in order to become a confident and safe driver. This article takes a look at the several different types of driving lessons and courses available.


Standard Lessons


A great driving instructor will tailor the driving lesson to suit your needs and experience level. If you are a total beginner, then the lessons may start of in a large empty car park in order for you to gain some confidence. After the basic skills have been learnt, you may progress onto a quiet street, then onto the main road. Standard lessons can vary in length, but a good amount of time is 2 hours.


Intensive Courses


Intensive courses are designed to prepare new drivers to pass their driving test in a very short amount of time. Intensive courses are hard work, but they can be worth it, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to pass your test quickly. You can decide on how long the intensive course is, depending on your level of experience.


Pass Plus


This is a relatively new type of course, which is designed to further your driving skills. It may also be used to lower your insurance premium. This course consists of driving in towns, on motorways, on dual carriageways, in different types of weather and at night. The total length of the course is 6 hours, which is usually broken down into 6, one hour lessons.


Refresher Lessons


If you haven’t driven for a while, and you want to get used to it again, then you can do a few refresher lessons for your own safety and peace of mind.


If you live in Salisbury and you are currently looking for a reputable driving instructor, then you can try searching online. Open your search engine, and type in keywords such as ‘driving lessons Salisbury’ and see what results come up. Always pick a fully insured instructor, that has a great reputation in order to get a high quality service.



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