Treat your tootsies to a medical pedicure

If you’ve ever had foot problems in the past you’ll know how painful and discomforting they can be. Pop to a beauty salon to have a pedicure or some other foot treatment and this doesn’t always produce the best types of results. For the ultimate medical pedicure you need to book an appointment with a professional podiatrist, a highly experienced industry expert who can provide toenail reconstruction and a fabulous range of chiropodist solutions. It’s a real treat to take your feet for medical pedicure and this type of procedure leaves them feeling fabulous afterwards. Book an appointment for a medical pedicure and it’s the ultimate pampering experience that leaves your feet looking their very best. Forget beauty salons though, they don’t provide a medical pedicure to the highest standards you need a proper podiatrist to enjoy this type of experience.

Revitalise those feet!

Foot complaints are common in the UK and if you are one of the unlucky ones that suffers with your feet on a daily basis a medical pedicure could be just what you need right now. It’s the best of both worlds when you have a medical pedicure, not only are you feet treated by a professional podiatrist to alleviate a range of problems, they are given a beauty pedicure at the same time. You could have toenail reconstruction as part of the medical pedicure if you feel embarrassed about the sight of your feet or simply treat your feet to a little TLC so they look amazing afterwards. A medical pedicure is fabulous for the wellbeing of your feet and it leaves them looking lovely following a course of treatment.

And you get a foot massage at the same time!

Organise a medical pedicure or toenail reconstruction for your feet and there’s another treat in store. As part of a medical pedicure you are also given a traditional Thai foot massage which acts as powerful therapy. Your feet and your legs will be totally revitalised with a medical pedicure and foot massage. Even better you’ll be able to step in your favourite pair of designer shoes and your feet will feel amazing thanks to the therapeutic powers of a medical pedicure.



Fabulous Feet is a company in Liverpool and Ashton-in-Makerfield specialising in medical pedicure treatments. These can include toenail reconstruction or general chiropodist services.