Electric Bikes have all the charm of a push bike with less effort required

Cycling is a charming pastime, encompassing the joy of taking in the great outdoors and the ability to travel distances without a private or public vehicle. Electric bikes offer both these delights but save you the physical exertion. The Electrical Bicycle Company stock fixed frame and folding electric bikes to suit all requirements. Innovations in technology mean electric bikes are now more lightweight and convenient with longer lasting batteries and greater power from the motors.

Travelling to work by bike is brilliant because you avoid packed tube trains and traffic jams that can put a dampener on the day straight away. The advantages of an electric bike over an manual power push bike for commuters is clear, electric bikes requires much less physical effort. The journey to work will be physically easy going meaning you don’t need to be super fit and you won’t sweat and need to change clothes. You can dress for work in the morning and arrive ready to start work.

The benefits of an electric bike over a vehicle, apart from avoiding traffic jams, is that you don’t need a driver’s license. You also won’t need a parking space as with a car or other road vehicle, it really is the best of both worlds. Weekend jaunts into the countryside have never been so accessible. If you want to go long distances a folding electric bike is the ideal solution. You can take it with you on the train and simply unfold it when you get off.

Using an electric bike is also a great way of increasing your environmental efforts. The bikes are fantastically energy efficient and will ultimately reduce your carbon footprint if replacing private car journeys or using public transport such as buses and trains which can contribute to fossil fuel consumption.

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