Applying for an Unabridged marriage certificate doesn’t have to be a hassle

Planning to leave South Africa for a short while to travel abroad and need to apply for an unabridged marriage certificate or an unabridged birth certificate to prove that you are legally married and you are who you say who you are? If so, you’ll have to apply for an Unabridged marriage certificate through Home Affairs and there are two ways you can go about this. The first route is to head to your nearest Home Affairs office to apply to apply for the Unabridged Marriage certificate in person. The second option is to download documents through and let them the handle the process on your behalf. Both options deliver the same result, you’ll be able to get hold of the Unabridged marriage certificate and have the relevant documentation you need to travel abroad, but which option is better for you?

Apply via a Home Affair office!

Okay let’s look at the Home affairs option first if you want to secure an unabridged marriage certificate to accompany your unabridged birth certificate. When you apply for an Unabridged marriage certificate it’s going to contain more detailed information so it makes sense to apply for it in person. Head to any Home Affairs office and take ID and a hand-written certificate from your marriage officer with you then you can fill in an application for the Unabridged marriage certificate. Pay a fee and once the form has been sent off your Unabridged marriage certificate should be with you in around 6 – 8 weeks. If you don’t live near a Home Affairs office though or simply haven’t got the time to call in, there is another route to take and you might want to visit at this point.

How will they help?

Visit and they can provide you with a one stop solution if you require an unabridged marriage certificate or an unabridged birth certificate. Here you can download all the forms you need to apply for an Unabridged marriage certificate to make the process easier for you. They will handle all parts of the application process for you and you can collect your Unabridged marriage certificate from them or have it couriered to your preferred destination. As long as you have the relevant documentation in place you’ll find this is a hassle-free option to process your Unabridged marriage certificate.



An unabridged marriage certificate is a vital document akin to an unabridged birth certificate. Both documents can be vital for those looking to obtain visas. Visit to help locate yours.