Why you should use a transcription company that employs accredited workers

You may be an individual or business looking for a transcription company to convert live or recorded speech into written documents. Transcription company services include audio transcription, stenographers, shorthand writers, US depositions, Videographers.


When searching for a transcription company, you may want to consider the speed and accuracy required to produce the transcript. The transcripts should be prepared by fully qualified stenographers and court reporters to ensure you receive high quality and accurately documented transcripts.


To reduce the risk of a poor quality transcript that misses out important or crucial information in live or recorded speech, you should find stenographers or court reporter who are accredited by the British Institute of Verbatim Reporters (BIVR) or a similar institution with the same high standards.


BIVR is the leading organisation proudly representing professional verbatim transcription company reporters. Transcription company may be able to offer pen writers, palantypists or stenographers. To be able to apply for BIVR membership, you must be able to write a minimum of 180 words per minute and have undertaken a recognised course.


There is a difference with those using pen and ink or keyboard to produce the transcript and those who use stenographer or palantype machines. It is therefore important to check with the transcription company whether they will be using a machine to produce real-time transcripts. For assurance, you can check the credentials of any BIVR member or if they are NRCPD registered.


You could use stenographers for a variety of transcription company projects including disciplinary hearings, audit interviews, insurance investigations, AGMs, EGMs, bankruptcy proceedings, conferences, US depositions, Canadian examinations, evidence on commission hearings, arbitrations, tribunals, company meetings and many others.


Qualified shorthand pen writers are ideal in transcription company situations where their discreet presence is expected in meetings such as work disciplinary or employment meetings. In particular, where machines may be considered too formal, distracting or too obtrusive.


A transcription company offering US depositions may include a qualified court reporter to provide a full list of services such as eTranscript, real time, rough drafts and compressed prints. A court reporter can help provide transcripts in a wide range of industries such as pharmaceutical, technical, medical, engineering, shipping, commercial, finance and many others.



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