PV Panels

Have you ever thought about having PV panels installed on your roof? Are you aware of the benefits of solar power systems? Solar Wholesale Africa are the leading suppliers and installers of solar power systems in South Africa. With the amount of sunshine that South Africa receives daily there really isn’t an excuse to use that sunshine to power your home via PV panels!

Prior to the installation of any solar power systems it’s imperative that a full site survey is carried out. Highly skilled technicians will assess the age, size and shape of your roof to ensure there is enough space to construct the framework on which the PV panels will be attached. The technician will also carry out research over 2 – 4 weeks to measure how effective the PV panels will be for you.

Your solar power systems will be up on your roof for a long time so it’s vital that they work efficiently for you and generate and store the maximum amount of energy possible. The best solar power systems, although fairly pricey, should actually save you money in the long run as they are much cheaper to maintain and run than traditional fossil fuel powered generators.

One of the basic processes behind the photovoltaic effect on PV panels, on which the operation of solar cells is based, is generation of the electron-hole pairs due to absorption of visible or other electromagnetic radiation by a semiconductor material. But if the science behind solar power systems is a bit too complex then let Solar Wholesale Africa take care of everything! They can address any queries or concerns you may have about solar power systems and communicate them in a simple way.

So if you need more information about PV panels or you’re ready to get in touch and book a technician then visit their website now: www.solarwholesale.co.za and get ready to see the amazing benefits of PV panels!



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