Grow Tents and more from the Kit Bag Shop

Kit Bag are one of the UKs cheapest hydroponics suppliers. They provide grow tents, grow kits and more to some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Whether you’re new to grow tents and other products like it or you’re looking to improve your crop, Kit Bag can help you! Since they started not only have they been helping their clients grow plants but they’ve been growing too! It’s this growth that stands as proof of their quality service.


They always put their customers first and they try to make sure that every order is processed for shipping within 24 hours. They stock a huge array of items for all your hydroponic needs including grow tents, oxypots, extraction/ventilation kits, grow lights and much more.


Kit Bag Shop are always looking to innovate the industry and have designed and manufactured their own grow kits to only the highest standard. Their designs are made to cut costs but still provide the same consistent quality that Kit Bag Shop are known for.


They aim to provide to their customers every need, no matter how big or how small and pride themselves on their ability to adapt.


As well as their grow tents they have the largest stock of plant foods to be used in all forms of indoor growing to help your plant produce.


They also offer:

Grow lights
Smell stoppers
Drying nets
Sheeting and much more


With their wealth of experience and their consistent 100% into their customer service you’ll struggle to find anywhere better for grow tents and more than the Kit Bag Shop. Their huge range of stock at unbeatable prices means that every customer that uses them are always happy. If you have any questions about grow tents or any of their products then don’t hesitate to contact them!



Grow Tents by Visit their website today if you’re looking for Grow Kits.