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Public relations is about reputation. It’s the result of what you do and say, and what others say about you. If you’re looking for a PR agency in Manchester to help your company or event succeed and stand out from the crowd then look no further than leading Manchester PR agency Rumpus PR.

Rumpus PR agency Manchester have now been established for 10 years, and have built themselves up to be the leading Manchester PR agency. You’d be hard pressed to find a Manchester PR agency that works harder for you than Rumpus. They’ve made their name as the leading PR agency in Manchester by being incredibly diverse.

The Rumpus PR agency in Manchester have recognized the ever-evolving needs of their clients for different aspects of PR. They now have two separate divisions to their Manchester PR agency: a team that specialises in B2B PR, and another team that specialises in B2C PR.

Rumpus continue to uphold their reputation as the leading PR agency in Manchester with their simple, streamlined approach to PR. They have a five point approach to PR which involves public relations, social media, online PR, lead generation techniques and search engine optimisation, all of which lead potential customers to their client’s website. This innovative approach secures them firmly as the best Manchester PR agency.

As a Manchester PR agency, Rumpus will have a lot of competition, but what sets them apart from any other PR agency in Manchester is their small, dedicated, hardworking team. Their company directors are still very much involved in the day to day running of things and all Rumpus clients can expect regular contact and input from the company directors throughout their campaign with the best PR agency in Manchester!

So if you’re looking for the best PR agency in Manchester to promote your company or event then look no further than Rumpus PR – the only Manchester PR agency you’ll need! Visit their website now: and get in touch to find out just what they can do for you!



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