Refresh Your Driveway With Block Pavers Kingston


Are you looking for quick way to improve the appearance of your driveway? If so, consider installing block paving to the front, side and even the rear of your property. Replacing gravel, broken paving or old tired stone, the new paving will give your property an instant face lift.

Block Pavers Kingston is ideal for driveways, although it can of course be used anywhere on your grounds. Driveways become worn and dilapidated quickly because of the constant use of vehicles on them. Paving stones become cracked, stones are broken and if you have gravel on your driveway it quickly looks messy and unsightly. Block paving instead gives you a smooth surface with a professional finish. Hard wearing, it will withstand vehicle use for many years whilst also looking good and giving you a decorative finish.

The choice of colour and style is completely yours with block paving Kingston, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with the huge range of paving available. From small brick sized tiles to larger tiles which are idea for a patio area and everything in between. The colour range is also vast. Popular colour choices are shades of grey and white but dark oranges and more earthy tones are becoming increasingly common among homeowners. Darker shades will of course require less cleaning which has its advantages! The laying pattern chosen will also have a big impact on the look of your drive. Although the herringbone pattern with its close interlocking bricks is the most popular there is a whole host of other layouts to choose from. A basketweave or stretcher pattern are also firm favourites.

The maintenance of block paving is fairly minimal. You may want to give the area a quick power wash each spring to remove the build up of dirt but other than that the paving stones should look after themselves. If a crack does occur the beauty of block paving is the ability to lift and replace the one brick that has suffered the damage without disrupting or relaying the rest of the bricks.

Block Pavers Kingston are block paving experts. Having laid countless driveways Kington and nearby areas, they can give you the right advice for your driveway.