Bunk Cots

The majority of us have heard of bunk beds and probably seen them too, but there are also bunk cots that are specially manufactured for space saving in rooms. These bunk cots are great if you have a very young baby and a toddler too. The top or bottom can be used for the baby, but the bottom should be used for the toddler. Many commercial childcare nurseries will have a lot of these kinds of bunk cots in the nursery.

Many people only have one bedroom for 2 children to share so if they are young enough then one of these bunk cots are ideal for this. It doesn’t matter where you live in the country you will find that there are hundreds of retailers offering bunk cots for sale. When they are used in day nurseries it means that the staff are able to keep close supervision on twice as many children than before when they only had one cot for each child.

If you are currently looking for a retailer of bunk cots then start by looking in your local area, you will find that many companies advertise their products and services in the local newspapers and local trade directories. Many childcare stores will also stock these bunk cots and you should be able to find a childcare retailer in most big cities and towns. Another great place to look for a bunk cot is online via the internet.

Bunk cots are easy to find online if you go to a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo and type in the words ‘bunk cots’ and you will find that it will return a list of company websites specialising in bunk cots. Take a look through some of the websites where you should be able to browse through all of the different bunk cots that they have available in stock. Make sure that you look through several of the websites as price can vary immensely. Of course the price will vary depending on the type of material the bunk cot is made of and the finish. Also you may have to pay for mattresses separately.



Bunk Cots by thebunkcot.com. We now trade under the name of “The BunkCot Company”. It is possible that you may still see our cots for sale on the internet under the old Shanticot brand but please rest assured that “Shanticot” and “The BunkCot Company” are one and the same! Our bunk cots are designed by Tom Shea (company founder) who created the ‘Original’ Cot for his own chain of day nurseries (www.childfirst.co.uk) and drew a lot of interest from other nurseries. Tom then teamed up with Stuart and Penny Harding to manufacture and retail the ‘Original’ cot on a commercial basis – the company was formed in 2007. Visit their website today if you’re looking for Twin Cots.