Finding Your First IT Project Management Role

If you have been working in the IT industry for a few years is well worth considering a project management role for your next job. Project manager roles pay much better than the vast majority of IT jobs. Having gathered much-needed experience, it makes sense for you to capitalise on that experience and to earn as much as you can in your next role. Fortunately, there are plenty of IT management jobs available. These roles pay extremely well, and are interesting and secure jobs. Taking on a management role usually means that you can secure yourself a long-term rather than just a short-term contract.

Preparing for the Application Process

If you are considering moving across to project management the first step is to sit down and consider which roles you are best suited for. Make a note of all of the projects you have worked on in the past and identify which skills and qualifications you used whilst carrying out those roles. Also, make a note of all of the qualifications you have including programming or hardware skills you have not used for some time. While some of this technology and knowledge will be completely defunct, the fact that you have such a broad spectrum of knowledge will make you a more attractive candidate, in general terms.

Once you have written down your experience you will be able to identify which roles you will be suited for more easily. It is wise for your first management role to apply for a position in a field that you are already familiar with. Do not forget to consider industry sectors in which you have previous non-IT experience. In certain IT management roles, your non-IT experience can still be extremely relevant. Therefore, it is well worth making a note of and referencing this experience when it is relevant.

Finding a Project Management Role

The vast majority of project management roles are advertised online. Specialist IT job boards are where the vast majority of management roles are advertised. Therefore, this is where you should focus your job search. The best IT job boards allow you to search by role, area, salary and by job title.

You will always find a good selection of project management jobs at . Hundreds of firms recruit their project managers this way and the job board is updated on almost hourly basis.

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