How to order dry break couplings with ease

A breakaway coupling is commonly used for refueling purposes and it’s a product that is needed by the petro-chemical industries but can be used by the pharmaceutical and food industries too. Basically dry break couplings enable pipes to connect together but if they are pulled apart by accident no fluids will escape. You can see examples of dry break couplings in use at petrol filling stations when a tanker is filling the underground storage vessels. The dry break couplings enable the driver to attach the hoses quickly and once the links are in place fuel can be transferred. Most dry break hose units are used for fuels and oils but dry break couplings can be used for any hazardous or critical fluid transfer.

Suppliers of hose and hose couplings are your best bet if you wanted to order a breakaway coupling. If you already know the type of dry break couplings you require just speak to a sales person in general. Most dry break couplings come in 1” to 4” line sizes, you can choose anything from 74mm to 164mm to conform to industry standards. They are equipped with aluminium, brass or stainless steel bodies and are fitted with large, ergonomically designed handles to make life easier for operators on site. Just find a reputable supplier of dry break couplings such as and you can speak to a member of their sales staff in person and provide them with the following information.

Before you order a breakaway coupling work out the line size you require. You’ll be asked for this information when you speak to a sales person and they’ll also want to know the front flange diameter of dry break couplings as well. Mention the type of body material you want for dry break couplings and your preferred seam material too. Then specify the line side termination type and the medium, pressure, temperature and flow rate you’ll be working with as well. These details are important when you are placing an order for dry break couplings so make sure you have the info handy when you speak to the sales department.

Provide a company like Intrico with this type of information and they’ll be able to source quality couplings in next to no time.