TV aerial adjustments may be better left to the professionals

The vast majority of consumers in the UK have television sets in their homes. Indeed, such items are often seen as a vital addition to a residence.

However, when it comes to TV aerials, whether it is aerial installations or adjustments to the devices, it seems people may be best off leaving the procedures to the professionals.

A recent case involving a man from Paisley in Scotland has highlighted the dangers that can occur when individuals try to make amendments to their TV aerials themselves.

Apprentice roofer Kierin Habbick attempted to improve the signal he was getting on his television by climbing out of a window in his top-floor flat, the Scottish Daily Record reports.

The 17-year-old, who is afraid of heights, froze with fear part way through the procedure, meaning he was left stuck on top of the roof of the building.

He slipped while moving across the surface, which was 100 feet above the ground.

It was nearly an hour before the emergency services came to rescue him.

Commenting on his decision to attempt the feat, Mr Habbick said: “We had moved into the flat two weeks before but the TV signal was rotten.

“I noticed the cable for the aerial went out on to the roof so I thought that must be it.

“When I climbed out onto the slates my foot slipped but I carried on up to the aerial. It was when I was going to come back down that I slipped again and decided to stay where I was.”

By the time the teenager was returned to terra firma, a crowd had gathered and they cheered and clapped.

In order to avoid situations like this, it is recommended that consumers do not attempt aerial installations or adjustments themselves. There are trained professionals who can perform such tasks in a safe and controlled manner.

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