The Amazing Benefits Of The 4 – Hour Version Upgrade

Deciding on a version upgrade for your system can be very intimidating. This is the reason why not many business owners are taking this leap. But little did they know that the iSeries version upgrade is one of the most important decisions that you can make for the company.

There are plenty of benefits that go with the system upgrade. These are the things that you should consider when you are having second thoughts of doing the upgrade. So here are the summarized benefits that you should take into consideration.

No Longer Downtime Periods. The 4 – hour version upgrade by Source Data Products will not require weekends of downtime just to upgrade OS 400 to the latest version. The downtime is very limited which in most cases, twice or thrice lesser depending on the amount of data. The average is about 2 to 4 hours for most of the clients who have done their upgrades.

No Surprises. If there are any surprises, everything will be discovered even before anyone would come onsite to go live. If these issues are not encountered on the planning stage, these will be found out during the upgrade process or when the test is done via VPN to test the upgrade.

Everything Is Finalized Before Going Live. Before even going live, everything is tested and completed. There is no risk for sudden changes and the set up will go smoothly when you go live. It will be an overall a hassle-free experience.

The Upgrade Can Be Downgraded. If in any case that the client would want to go back to the previous version before the upgrade, the system can be put back to the old version in an hour. This is what makes the upgrade risk-free.

Big On Savings. Since all the work is being done at the company’s tech center instead of doing it onsite, you will be saving a large amount of money. Another thing is, other companies may charge you $6000 to $20000 for version upgrades while the Source Data Products will only charge you a fraction of the amount for the latest version upgrades.

Risk – Free Version Upgrade Anywhere In The United States

The Source Data Products is the leader when it comes to version upgrades. They have services hundreds of companies across the United States, which makes them the best in their field. Aside from the best service that they provide, they also offer the cheapest upgrade charges in the market today.  No company in the US is able to match the price and the benefits that this company offers its clients. This is already a huge bonus when you choose to do your iSeries version upgrade with Source Data Products.

When you are still in doubt of your version upgrade, you can always visit the Source Data Products Website. They have all the complete information and info-videos for you that can help you make your final decision. Do not be left out! It’s time to make that change today.

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