The Best Way to Hire a Family law Lawyer

There are some family law lawyers that can spell disaster. It is important to know that the person you hire has your best interest at heart, is talented and has time for your case. Divorce is one of the hardest things that people go through in their lives.

How to Hire a Family law Lawyer Checklist

If you need a family law lawyer then there are some things that you will need to know. We have created this handy checklist to help you find the right lawyer for your case. You may not have the best family law lawyer if they:

  1. Keep looking at their watch when they are meeting with you
  2. Don’t tell you their strategy for your case
  3. Give a case outcome that seems too good to be true
  4. Say you will get sole custody of your child. If both parents are fit, 50-50 ruling is usually what happens
  5. Leave you in the dark, feeling confused and is frequently unavailable to meet
  6. Don’t take charge and leaves you to lead the case
  7. Don’t update you about your case
  8. Seem to be tacking on more services and burning through their retainer without much to show for it
  9. Drag your case on when it could be resolved quicker
Recommended Family Law Lawyers in BC

To find the names of the best family law lawyers visit They are voted the best in BC from Lawyer Ratingz and have won several Consumer Choice Awards. Their blog is also voted top 4 family law blog. The founder, Leena Yousefii is also voted in the top 25 most influential lawyers in Canada. Their reputation in the legal community and with their clients is excellent. Give them a call at 604-974-9529 and let them know how they can help with your case.

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