New vending machines installed in school health kick

There has been much media attention recently concerning what school children are fed.

TV chef Jamie Oliver has run campaigns both in the UK and the US in a bid to make sure youngsters receive nutritious products and do not consume too much sugar.

One local authority in America that has taken action to this effect is Warrensburg School District.

According to a report on, it has made changes to its vending machines.

Rather than stocking sugary goods, the vending machines are providing healthy snacks.

No vending machine based in schools in the area stocks chocolate or crisps anymore.

One of those who has been affected by the changes is student Amanda Shreves.

Speaking out in favour of the development, she said: “I think it’s nice to have the healthier choices. It’s obviously better for us and we know that, so we don’t complain that much because it’s better in the long run.”

Meanwhile, fellow pupil Jacob Huffman remarked on the impact of the removal of sweet drinks. He stated: “A lot of kids drink Mountain Dew and Pepsi every day. When that was gone students were not happy.”

Assistant superintendent Dr Scott Patrick added: “If you give them some good options they can eat, they are going to pick one of the two or three options. If all those options are pretty healthy, they just go with the flow. We really haven’t had too much push back at all.”

However, rather than relying on a vending machine, some of the students are taking in their own food.

Meanwhile, Warrensburg School District plans to audit its wellness plan to see if there is anything else it can do to make youngsters in the area more healthy.

Many hope that the trend for unhealthy food in schools has halted and is now in reverse.

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