Crystal Clear: Cleaning Tips for Tableware and Jewellery

Stunning and sparkling as it is, even the most lavish crystal pieces of tableware and jewellery alike can fall prey to the sulky dullness of use. Unlike diamonds, crystal is prone to scratching, making careful maintenance a pressing issue.

Crystal Glasses
The absolute top tip of crystal production experts is to stay away from the dishwasher. Abrasive cleaners and high water temperatures can damage crystal tableware.
Polishing crystal tableware regularly and carefully is one of the most effective ways to maintain sparkle. In the case of Swarovski crystal tableware, the brand has produced its own cleaning kit including a soft cotton polishing cloth, gentle brush to remove tough stains (in warm water) and cotton gloves to eliminate troublesome fingerprints when drying and polishing.
A mild detergent is generally deemed suitable for most crystal. Avoid using harsh tools such a scourers and scrubbing brushes, and instead opt for very soft bristled brushed or non-abrasive wash cloth.

Crystal Jewellery
A certain amount of wear and tear is to be expected from most types of jewellery. Alongside their opulent pieces, Swarovski are also of note for their fashion jewellery collection. It is perhaps this range that could require more regular maintenance in terms of cleaning, polishing and so on.
Commercial jewellery cleaners are generally unsuitable for crystal pieces like Swarovski jewellery due to their caustic qualities. Simple as it sounds, the best option is generally a tender wash in warm water using a mild detergent and gentle brush. Pat pieces dry with an absorbent cloth, then polish to remove fingerprints or watermarks.
The importance of regular gentle polishing using a soft cloth cannot be impressed too much. Swarovski charms bracelets for example are often worn as a daily accessory, potentially accumulating grime through use. A light polish before storage helps maintain the fabulous sparkle of crystal jewellery.

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