Shop owner ‘makes good use of retail displays’

Retail displays can play a crucial role in whether or not a business is successful. They can draw consumers into shops and encourage them to part with their hard-earned money.

Also, they can make a company look more professional.

On the other hand, when they are done badly, retail displays do not add anything to an enterprise and can even detract from it.

For this reason, it is vital that enterprises make sure they utilise these marketing tools in the best way possible.

One man in the US who has been doing precisely this is Dennis Blum, the News-Press reports.

According to the publication, he has opened a store that sells second-hand electronics.

Commenting on the success with which he has used this advertising method, it said: “The retail displays in the store rival many major retailers, but that may be because Blum and his wife, Lynn, are veterans of the resale industry. They founded the Plato’s Closet and Once Upon a Child resale chains before selling them to Winmark Corp, the parent company of Play It Again Sports.”

Mr Blum’s shop opened in October and he had been busy accumulating stock since July.

The entrepreneur stated: “To me, the idea of being able to recycle and reuse gently used electronics for the fraction of the price of new is a big draw.”

Among the items that are sold in the outlet are remote controls, home theatre components and games consoles.

The popularity of second-hand products may have risen over recent months and years as a result of the difficult economic conditions.

Rather than splashing out on new items, more people may be keen to save their money and get cheaper, used versions instead. This way of operating also has clear environmental benefits, which is particularly significant now as global warming is an issue that is rising in prominence.

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