Number of those travelling to have cosmetic surgery ‘on the rise’

The number of people travelling to other parts of their own country or to different nations to have cosmetic surgery may well be on the increase.

One surgeon who specialises in the field noted that he has seen more people heading to him for treatment.

Dr Jeremy Benedetti, who operates in Tampa Bay, Florida, revealed more women are coming to him for breast enlargement abroad. Also, a greater number of women from across the US are using his services, he noted.

He operates a so-called ‘fly in for surgery programme’.

The medical expert is by no means alone in his offerings. Indeed, the market for cosmetic surgery abroad is expanding all the time, as people seek to achieve the looks they are after.

Commenting on his idea for the business, Dr Benedetti said: “I wanted to develop a programme that would make it safe and easy for people to come in and see me, no matter where they live.”

He added: “Many people have the impression that travelling for a procedure is too complex and hard to coordinate, but our programme takes out a lot of the hassle and guesswork.”

In order to have cosmetic surgery abroad using his services, patients must go through a number of stages.

Firstly, they must either fly in for a consultation or have a virtual consultation, which consists of a photo review and a telephone conversation.

During this phase, surgical goals are discussed and the individual may be referred to an evaluation by their local doctor.

Finally, the surgery itself is scheduled, with a pre-operative date usually being pencilled in a couple of days before hand.

Of course, having a breast enlargement abroad is not the only form of treatment available in this way. There are a range of other options, including dental work.

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