Sofas That Relax the Mind

When choosing the perfect sofa, it is extremely important to find one that your body will find totally comfortable, allowing it to relax totally, whilst still getting the right support. However, for those who really want to relax, is it not also important to consider which sofa will soothe your mind the most too?

The two may seem mutually compatible, with one prompting the other, but it is still possible to have a relaxed body whilst your mind remains distracted, as well as vice versa. So, which sofas are the best when it comes to soothing the mind?

Well, like most things in life, the answer will be quite subjective with different people finding comfort in different things, so instead we have to look to history to see which, historically, has consistently relaxed the mind.

The answer is the Chesterfield sofa. And it all has to do with a man called Sigmund Freud.

Whilst today it may seem unthinkable to send children in to reveal their darkest secrets to a strange bearded man, back in Freud’s day this is exactly what they did, and children and adults alike would lie down on this ‘green tub’ Chesterfield sofa and be relaxed into a state of perfect mental pliability. He believed that the couch was a great aid in relaxing and hypnotising his patients, and made it the focal point of his room and of his sessions, helping thousands of patients completely relax.

So, if the founder of mental relaxation chose Chesterfields to best help relax the mind, then the chances are if you are looking to unwind mentally and totally relax on a sofa at home, then Chesterfields are still probably the best answer even all these years on. Luckily, they’re pretty easy on the eye as well as the mind too.

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