An effective backup strategy for your website: some hints and tips

Data backup is one of those rather unglamorous, tasks that we would all probably prefer to put off to a rainy day. However, it is also an essential requirement in the wired world. It’s an unfortunate truth that the people most likely to remind you about the importance of backup are those who have experienced irretrievable data loss in the past.

Regarding backing up your website, you may think that this is purely the responsibility of your web hosting company. There is certainly an element of truth on this. For instance, should you choose web hosting by EUKHost, we ensure that all our servers are routinely backed up, and can restore a recent a copy of your site for you should disaster strike.

However, it’s always important to have a plan B, and even a plan C, where backup is concerned. No one system can ever be 100% fool-proof, but a combination of methods can achieve a high level of data protection.
Therefore, if you count the backups run by your web hosting company as your Plan A, your Plan B should consist of a backup routine on your home or work PC, wherever the most recent copies of your website are stored. In the case of a Home office setup, for instance, consider backing up your entire PC hard drive to an external USB drive on a nightly basis.

Finally, your Plan C could consist of subscribing to an online backup service. These packages are increasingly popular and affordable, and can provide a helpful additional line of defence.

Finally, with web hosting from EUKHost, you will find our servers are housed in secure, state of the art data centres, which will provide a further level of data security. Should you choose web hosting by EUKHost you will find an overall commitment to robust, industry standard data protection.

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