Baby blankets and staff to the rescue!

A woman who went into labour while in a supermarket was helped by workers who came to her aid after her waters broke.Fortunately the staff were able to wrap the new arrival in baby blankets and baby clothes until the ambulance crew arrived a short while after. Armed with gifts such as baby clothes and flowers, the shocked mother was then taken to hospital.

Haylee Caris was shopping at the Tesco Extra store on Dragonvillage Industrial Esate in Durham last week when she felt her waters break.

Thanks to the quick thinking of staff, the 27 year old was helped to the store toilets where staff made her comfortable with baby blankets, towels and other items they could find in the store.
Speaking to The Durham Times, 44 year old Tesco Extra employee, Liz Clarkson explained that she actually helped deliver the baby boy.
She said: “I helped to deliver the baby- it all happened so quick.
“He was absolutely gorgeous and mother and baby seemed to be doing well.”
After taking Haylee to the toilets, paramedics arrived shortly after and were able to take her on to hospital in Durham City.
The new arrival has since been introduced as Max and he was born at 2.10pm in the store much to the shock of his mother and store staff.
Also speaking to the paper, store manager David Brooks said that delivering a baby was the last thing on his mind that day.
He said: “ It is not what you expect when you come to work.”
Max’s father, Jon Caris rushed to the scene after receiving a frantic call from his wife saying that she had gone into labour. After battling through traffic he finally made it to his wife’s side to meet their new born son.

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