Making money through your website: some hints and ti

The commercialisation of the internet in the mid 1990s sparked a sea-change in the way the world does business. Websites were no longer engaging portals shining a light on people’s lives, news resources, or encyclopaedic directories: they became vehicles for making money.

Here are a few tips on making your own website commercially viable.

First, it’s important to bear in mind your site’s mission and purpose. Avoid trying to do too much, and stay true to your original goals. If you sell pet rabbit hutches online, best not to branch out in to guinea pig houses.

Strive for uniqueness, or as close to uniqueness as you can get, especially in your domain name. If you are making money from retailing search high and low for a USP that will make your product stand out.
Always aim for a high-quality, well designed, and enticing website. Usability and profitability make good bedfellows.

Regarding advertising, there are two ways you can benefit from it. You can pull in revenue by selling advertising space on your own site, or you can advertise and market your site on the internet. Investing in Search engine Adwords are also worth considering.

With e-commerce, be prepared to put some time and money in to the whole process of getting yourself set up as an online retailer. You will need a merchant account to take debit and credit card payments online, and you’ll also require reliable shopping cart software.

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