Some design tips for your website.

Designing a great website is a deceptively tricky process, and it is little wonder that site owners, wanting to create a web distinctive presence, hire professional web designers to do the job for them. There is no harm in this, of-course, but there is also no harm in trying out some basic design practices for yourself.

If you are not a graphic artist you might be relieved to hear that the first steps hardly require any drawing skills, except being able to draw the odd rectangle on a sheet of A4. For, the first objective is simply to sit down, either by yourself, or with your collaborators, and come up with a crystal clear, simple mission statement for your site. Ask yourself what you are trying to do with the site. Try to envisage what it might feel like visiting your putative site, and then picture how that might feel five years from now.

Then sketch a brief map of your site. It can be in “straw man” style, with the most basic sketching. But it will give any professional designer a much clearer idea of your goals, and this could save them time, and you money.

If you do wish to continue designing for yourself, do remember to keep the site simple, and work hard on a achieving a clean, easy to follow navigation. Avoid too many bells and whistles, and never impress for the sake of it.

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