The Fastest Means to Improve Website Ranking

You do not need to use a website specialist to improve your website ranking and then wait for ages to witness any progress.

While I don’t dispute that having a consultant working on your SEO could undeniably improve your website ranking, there is one surpassingly easy as pie action you can do yourself, in less than three minutes that will considerably improve your website rank inside the next two weeks.

What is Website Ranking?

Websites are ranked in order of most visited or most prominent websites. The most prominent (and thought to be most authoritative) website ranking is called the Alexa Ranking and so that’s what we’ll zero in on today. The lower your Alexa ranking number, the more prominent your website (e.g. Google has an Alexa Ranking of 1, Facebook is 2, YouTube is 3, etc.) This is calculated by gathering the browsing statistics from the millions of people using the Alexa Toolbar and figuring out the traffic ranking of each site. You should install the Alexa Toolbar yourself so that you can watch your own Alexa website ranking).

Advertisers will pay big bucks to advertise on a site with a low (good) Alexa Ranking because it means that the site gets a lot of visitors.

Improve Website Ranking with this Two-Minute Method.

The day I was first told about this technique, I thought it was too good to be true – but was then astonished when my Alexa Rank went down almost a million points. from more than 2 million to just over 1 million in a matter of weeks.

Step 1: Build an Alexa Widget for the website.

It’s simple to do, just enter your URL ( and click the “Build Widget” button.

Step 2: Copy the code that Alexa generates

Step 3: Add the code to your website.

For anyone using a WordPress website, this is very simple. Just navigate to Widgets (in the Appearance menu), drag and drop a Text widget to one of the sidebars, paste in the code and click Save. (If you aren’t using a WordPress site, drop the code between the tags on your homepage).

That’s it. now just watch your website rank dramatically get better over the next few weeks

Try It For Yourself

Like I said, I was unbelieving myself. and to be upfront, I have absolutely no idea how or why it works. But I highly recommend you try it out for yourself and improve website ranking dramatically in a couple of weeks. If you don’t believe me, download the Alexa Toolbar today and track your ranking for two weeks before you install the widget.

If you blend this little method with some good SEO practices and get in the habit of using Onlywire to release your new content to multiple social bookmarking sites simultaneously, you’ll begin generating some serious traffic – and more traffic means more sales for your business.

Now that you grasp how to improve website ranking, why not learn what to do with all those new visitors?

Now it’s time to learn how you can change website traffic into riches using free and surprisingly simple online business secrets!

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