The benefits of choosing windows dedicated server

Windows server is relatively new to the world of web hosting, compared to its main competition, Linux, which has been supporting web servers since the early 1990s.
However, since the release of Windows 2000 server Microsoft has been playing catch-up, with some success. There are several benefits from choosing Windows server, especially as a dedicated server operating system, for example as part of web hosting by EUKHost.

Firstly, Dot NET technologies, such as ASP dot net and VB dot net become available to your developers. The Dot NET framework, as it is widely known, gives your developers a ready-made kit with which they can construct an entire website, as well as any modules within it, such as forum software, clock widgets, calendars and photo galleries. All these features facilitate the construction of compelling sites.

Furthermore windows server provides support for MS-SQL the enterprise class database management system. MS SQL is certainly a high-end database solution, but there again, it is fully and professionally supported, as well as regularly updated by Microsoft.

Windows server also exclusively supports Access databases, upon which some websites still rely.

If you are hosting a company intranet on your dedicated server, and are running SharePoint services then Windows server will be the only choice for you. SharePoint is a powerful internal communications tool, encompassing document management and sharing as well as intranet authoring tools.

Should you choose windows server web hosting by EUKHost you will also benefit from our expert management services, performed by dedicated, expert staff. Amongst the tasks our staff perform are:
-Applying the more secure and reliable NTFS file system on all disk partitions
-Checking logs for error message and responding accordingly
-Downloading, testing and applying service packs, hot fixes, and updates

Overall, you will find that with affordable UK web hosting from EUKHost our server management is second to none.

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