Making the most of your email accounts with web hosting by EUKHost

Signing up with a web host is not just about owning a website. It’s also about owning a unique domain name. The domain name is the unique part of a web address that comes after ‘www’, and before a suffix, such as ‘’. For example, Flickr, Digg and Amazon are popular domain names.

Furthermore, with your web hosting package you will usually acquire a significant number of pop3 email boxes.

The main benefit of a pop3 email box is a personalised web address that mirrors your unique domain name. E.g., if your domain name is ‘’ then you could create email boxes for yourself, friends, family, and colleagues, all using the ‘’ domain name. For instance, you could choose ‘[email protected]’ or ‘[email protected]’. As well as having certain distinctiveness, standing out from the crowd of Hotmail and Googlemail addresses, these personalised addresses have the added benefit of being free marketing for your site. All the contacts of ‘[email protected]’ for instance will become regularly aware of your site, through simply clocking that email address on a regular basis.

With affordable UK website hosting from EUKHost you will gain a further benefit from using your supplied email account: webmail. Webmail gives you the ability to keep up to speed with your latest emails, wherever you are. It’s a really useful feature for business travellers. What’s more, it has an advantage over other web based email systems in being advert free.

The email boxes with web hosting by EUKHost, also give you the opportunity to organise your online life: you can create business, personal, as well as online shopping email boxes. The online shopping email box is particularly useful as all the ‘special offer’ emails that follow from an online purchase will simply drop in to that box and be kept from your personal emails.

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