Shoes by Girls Aloud star

Women’s shoes may soon get a little bit of a Girls Aloud makeover as Nicola Roberts is hoping to launch a new range of women’s shoes.

The star recently attended the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year awards and it was there that she revealed she would like to try her hand at designing shoes.

Since launching her new makeup range designed especially for paler skin tones, she has been thinking about delving into other areas.

The UK Press Association claims that although Nicola loves the work involved with the makeup range, she still wants to work with something a little more ‘fun’ as she puts it.

She said: “ I’d love to do something like shoes, something really fun and something not too serious.

“I feel like a fashion collection is something to take very seriously and you can’t just take it for granted.”

Attending the Cosmo bash, the trendy singer was also named Ultimate Fashionista in front of some of the country’s biggest names- including Girls Aloud bandmate, Kimberly Walsh. Kimberly was one of the celebrity judges responsible for selecting the winners for the awards which recognise the brave achievements of some of the country’s most courageous women.

According to a report by BBC Newsbeat, Nicola is also hoping to follow in the footsteps of band mates Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle into the recording studio.

For the past year, the star has been reportedly writing solo material since the band decided to take a break from recording.

Speaking to the BBC she said: “ I’ve been in the studio writing- it is something that I love.
“I wrote when we were in Girls Aloud and I loved it. I just like to be creative.”
However just like plans to release a footwear range, the singer is keeping tight lipped about what any solo material may sound like

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