Kico Laptop Lap Trays

Kico laptop lap trays are a great way to use your laptop wherever you happen to be. There is nothing worse than trying to balance a hot laptop on your knees. Using a specially designed laptop lap-tray gets past this problem. There is no contact between the laptop user’s legs and the laptop. The tray is attached to a bean bag, so sits comfortably on the users lap no matter what shape or size the person is.

Why Kico Laptop Lap Trays are the Best

Some other manufacturers have taken television trays and adapted them to become laptop trays. They work, but only up to a point. Kico have designed their laptop trays from the ground up. For example, they are wider than standard TV trays to allow space for users who want to to use a mouse. Some other PC lap-trays do not have this extra space. Kico laptop lap trays are designed to last; you should only ever have to buy one.

They are easy to keep clean because they just need to be wiped with a damp cloth. Storing them is easy they take up only a little more space than a standard tray.

Why Use Kico Laptop Lap Trays

There are several reasons why using a laptop tray makes sense. They are a good way of preventing your laptop from overheating. Some people sit on their sofa with a quilt or blanket over them and their laptops on their lap. They do not realise that doing this prevents the fan on their laptop from working efficiently. Heat is a big enemy for a laptop. It works more slowly and over time, components get overheated and become damaged. Using a laptop tray ensures there is always a gap under the laptop that lets air circulate.

There is some evidence that regularly using a laptop on your knees could be bad for you. The small veins on your lap can be damaged overtime by long-term exposure to heat from your laptop. Therefore using Kico laptop lap trays could even turn out to have health benefits.


To view the full range of Kico laptop lap trays visit their website. They regularly update their designs and usually have several hundred to choose from.