Building Muscle Safely

When you first start weight training and muscle building, you may be anxious to get started. But you should first try to learn something about building muscle, how to do so safely, and how to avoid injury. Otherwise you may pull a muscle, or even injure your back and cause permanent damage.
The first thing you should do is talk to your doctor about your weight training plans, exercise routine, and diet. Many people are afraid to talk to their doctors for fear they will be advised against a certain program. Relax�your doctor wants only your good health, and they will have only encouragement for you.
Next you should decide on a healthy diet. If you aren�t sure what kind of foods and quantities you should be eating, do some research. Look for publications put out by official organizations, or talk to a nutritionist. You should have plenty of fruits and vegetables, high fibre foods and foods high in lean protein. It�s not just a saying that muscles are built in the kitchen.
If you are a vegetarian or vegan you may not be sure how to get enough protein in your diet. You can get protein from nuts and seeds, some whole grains, tofu, dairy products (for vegetarians), and even protein powder. Protein powder and shakes can be very helpful for those who prefer not to eat meat.
If you want to get more nutrients, vitamins, or antioxidants into your diet, sometimes sports supplements can also be helpful. Some people find that taking sports supplements, or even drinking green tea, can increase weight loss and improve your metabolism.
As you get started, try to stick to some kind of plan. Exercise at regular intervals, the same time each day, and remember to start slowly, stretch before and after, and get plenty of sleep.

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