Impotence in younger men

Erectile dysfunction is often a medical issue associated with older men, as statistics have shown that it affects a fifth of 50-54 year olds and as many as half of 70-78 year olds. However, whether for physical or psychological reasons, impotence can affect men of ages. The main difference in younger sufferers though, is that they are far less likely to seek advice or treatment for the problem.

This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, younger men tend to discuss and ‘banter’ about sex more frequently; how often they are doing it and their quality of performance. This can make erectile dysfunction seem like an ‘off limits’ topic, as teenagers and males in their 20s worry about losing face in front of their peers if they admit to experiencing difficulties in the bedroom.

Secondly, many young men simply find impotence too embarrassing to discuss – even with their GP – which makes them reluctant to ask for help. Older men tend to be much more comfortable in their own skin and may have experienced a number of other medical issues, which means they are more comfortable discussing their concerns with doctors and nurses.

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