Property sellers advised to study official figures

There are many reasons why people sometimes need to sell property in Yorkshire and other places. On certain occasions, they need to achieve a fast house sale in Yorkshire or elsewhere to help them reduce their levels of debt. Alternatively, their professional or personal lives may call for such a change.

However, those with a little more flexibility in terms of when they sell up may benefit from studying the official property market figures. Writing in the Independent, Alan Cleaver pointed out that headlines in newspapers can often be confusing.
He pointed to a recent example in which the Guardian and property talklive had used the same set of statistics to draw two different conclusions. The former stated property prices had remained static over the last year, while the latter described them as volatile.

Mr Cleaver remarked: “Curiously both are right,” noting that the LSL Property Services/Acadametrics House Price Index for March showed a monthly decline of 0.1 per cent in the average price and zero annual growth.The writer advised consumers to always go to the original source of any “headline-grabbing” price survey.

He added: “There are a number of regular prices indexes and surveys issued – they’re usually issued monthly and usually at the start of the month. The journalists will pick out a nice ‘headline’ statistic but if you’re serious about gazing into the crystal ball that is second-guessing house prices then you need to be a bit more circumspect.”

Mr Cleaver also pointed out that to get a clearer picture of local trends, it is important to get the regional statistics. This is relevant to all those seeking to sell property in Yorkshire.However, people who need a fast house sale in Yorkshire may not have the luxury of waiting for conditions to be perfect before they engage in transactions.

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