Don’t get ripped off making international calls

Travelling the world is becoming more and more popular. And it’s not just the gap year brigade who are setting off to see the world. Older people are increasingly taking career breaks to get off the corporate tread mill for a year to see and experience new things.

Anyone going abroad for this length of time needs to plan ahead so they can stay in touch with friends and family back home. Email is great up to point, but there will always be times when it’s good to hear a friendly voice. Or in times of emergency and trouble then only a phone call will do.

Which is why is pays to pack some phone cards in the rucksack before setting off. Of course people can use pay phones abroad, but it’s a really expensive option. International phone cards are a much more cost effective option. Why? Well the companies selling the phone cards buy minutes in bulk from the big international telecoms companies. By buying in this volume they can get incredibly cheap deals. They then sell the minutes on in the form of the cards.

No matter which country travellers visit, when they need to make a call they can reach for their international phone cards and call friends and family back home at huge discount. Over the course of a year away on the road backpacking around the world, the savings can be huge. So it really does pay not to leave home without one.

Planet Phonecards offer the best deals on the market. Which is why they are the first choice for so many international travellers. Check out their website for details of plans and prices. With one of their cards in their pocket, a backpacker never has to worry about the cost of making an international call, so they can share their adventure and journey.

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